About Us

Our Story

Bonitas Media Solutions is focuses on delivering high-quality services in media production, media publication, media monetization and consulting solutions for business in need of owned and earned media products and services. We are particular about collaborating closely with our clients to provide lasting value that exceeds our clients’ objectives. Every solution delivered is customized to our client’s needs, delivered on time and within budget. Our team of industry professionals are passionate about delivering high-quality service that are result-oriented.

Mission Statement

To be the top of the mind media solutions company in the industry.

Vision Statement

To provide media solutions that give organizations an edge in a competitive market.

The bonitas way

The Bonitas Way represents our key values with high level of commitment to integrity, quality service, hard work, collaboration, innovation and excellence which helps us in developing needed solutions through Innovation and excellence in all our fields.


At the heart of the Bonitas Group is our commitment to Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness, which are integrated into all our business culture and work ethics. We believe in gaining our client’s utmost trust and respect.


We believe success is a result of hardwork. This is why our strength is measured through diligence in hardwork and consistency in all our activities.


Alone we can do little; together we can do so much. We embrace partnerships and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in order to effectively and efficiently meet our client’s goals.


We are the change that unlock new values. With the presence of our highly motivated team of professionals, we grow through innovation and creativity by turning new ideas into return on investments.


In the pursuit of providing the best in the market, we focus on providing a superior client experience in all our operations. Together with our highly skilled professionals, we execute projects based on best quality and timely delivery.